Instructions Following Surgery


Some swelling and discomfort may be expected for a period of a few days after treatment. In general it will increase over the next 48 hours and then start to decrease.

To keep the swelling to a minimum, place an ice bag over the area for 15 minutes on and 15 minutes off during the first 4-6 hours after the procedure. Ice should not be applied after 6 hours.


Eat soft foods only for the first 24 hours and avoid chewing in the operated area until the sutures are removed. While still numb from the anesthetic do not raise your lip to inspect the area, as you may pull loose the sutures.

Smoking and Alcohol are to be avoided for three days.

Physical Activity

Avoid strenuous activity for the remainder of the day. Routine, non-strenuous activity is not harmful unless otherwise directed.


The mouth should not be rinsed for at least six hours after the operation. After that, gentle rinsing may be done 3-4 times daily, using one-half teaspoonful of salt in a full glass of warm water.

A clean mouth is desirable and promotes healing. Brush with a soft toothbrush. Avoid the surgical area when brushing until the sutures have been removed.


Some discoloration or bruising of the area may be present following the surgery. Also the operated tooth may feel loose or tender for a time. This is a normal part of the healing process and is to be expected.

Please Call Our Office If You Encounter:

  • Profuse, uncontrollable bleeding
  • Severe pain not controlled with medication
  • Swelling which has its initial onset after the first 48 hours following surgery
  • An elevated temperature

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